Wow what an article comparable to Mises on protectionism in the sheer quality! so many references for my Uni professor hahaha! Would be interested to know your opinion on the EURO and the constant struggles the Eurozone has been having in regards to GDP growth, Wages Growth, Fall in Aggregate Endowment amongst other problems!

Yet again have to say how great the article is!

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Jun 20, 2023·edited Jun 20, 2023

Thanks for article! Here other evidence on fail of IP in Japan, writed by mainstream economist. Even Paul Krugman argued, that IP fail. https://www.forbes.com/sites/mwakatabe/2017/03/20/nobel-laureate-stiglitz-is-right-on-japans-fiscal-policy-but-wrong-on-its-industrial-policy/?sh=75813037d16b

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